Far too many people, millions every year, slip, trip, or fall and have an injury possibly resulting in broken bones, lacerations, brain injuries, or even spinal cord injuries. Whether or not one of these injuries is what’s commonly called a “slip and fall” injury depends, to a large part, on who is at fault. When the property owner knew, or should have known, about the hazardous condition on their property, they may be liable, especially if they did nothing to prevent it.

Slipping on a spill or tripping over an obstacle, by itself, does not necessarily mean that the property owner is liable for your injuries. If they took steps, such as placing a yellow hazard sign on a wet floor, or if the spill just happened and no one had time to correct the condition, it will hard to prove the property owner was negligent.
The laws relating to slip and fall injuries are complex, and an experienced personal injury lawyer will help you determine the merits of your case. To help you figure out if who is at fault, you may want to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Was the slip and fall caused by poor or dim lighting?
  • Had the spill been on the floor long enough that the property owner would have known about it?
  • If you tripped over an obstacle, was there a good reason for it to be there or could it have been someplace safer?
  • Did you have a valid reason to be where the slip and fall happened?
  • Were the hazards in the area, if any, properly labeled?
  • Would a “reasonable person” have been able to avoid the slip and fall accident?

In general, the owner of the property is considered to have knowledge of a dangerous or hazardous condition if it’s a permanent one, like a broken step, or if they created it themselves and were aware of the possible dangers including wrongful death of an innocent visitor. However, a qualified attorney with personal injury experience can help decide the liability in your particular case.

It’s best to consult with us, and if the injury wasn’t your fault, we’ll stand by you every step of the way in your case. While you concentrate on recovering from your injuries, we’ll take all the steps to insure you get the highest settlement possible in your particular case.